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I started out in the grocery industry many years ago where I grew up working in my fathers grocery stores and then when he retired for Fred Meyer in Richland, WA where I went from being a humble clerk at 18 in 1984 to going into the meat department at 21 in 1986 and into dairy/stockroom management at 28. I left Fred Meyer 1997 and worked briefly cutting meat at Albertson’s in 1999 before a HUGE career change!!  I have been working in the wonderful of satellite since 1999 and found my way into satellite internet in late 2007. From working for different companies such as DirecTV and Dish Network directly I was encouraged to go into opening my own dealership in 2007 for first Dish Network in July and then Wildblue in August. This wonderful change of working for myself instead of others has been quite the adventure! From seeing TV go from pointing at just one satellite to multiple, from seeing the advent of HD broadcast and from seeing the original Wildblue speeds of 1.5 meg to the screaming speeds of ViaSat-2 of 50 meg has been just amazing to say the least!!

I have personally installed thousands of satellite internet and TV systems as well as being a trainer for Viasat. I really love what I do and really love meeting and forming long lasting friendships with all of my customers throughout the years!! With Mahoney’s you well find not only a dealer that knows the product that he sells but also someone that treats you as a true friend whenever you reach out to me!

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